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are the rich necessary, are they real mascara black, are there more than two genders, are they thinking, are there more than 2 genders, are they real mascara, are there god its me margaret, are the lips a grave, are these the last days, are there cracks in your nest egg, are there aliens, are there any trillionaires, are the australian wildfires over, are the celtics playing tonight, are they all yours, are the poughkeepsie tapes real, are there pandas in japan, are the olympics cancelled, are there squirrels in hawaii, are the russians coming, are there more democrats or republicans, are the banks open tomorrow, are the smithsonians open, are there coronavirus survivors, are they closing schools, are there any coronavirus cases in virginia, are there more men or women, are they making a zombies 3, are they making a descendants 4, are there snakes in hawaii, are the fires out in australia, are the banks closed today, are there alligators in texas, are they real, are there female angels