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Matt Grice

2019-10-15 03:07:15 | Profile
6th grade waiting for the bus. Also, this playing in the background while breakfast was being made. It was a cool and at the same time weird time. And this song played a major role in that.

Antonio Dean

2019-07-19 17:45:18 | Profile
Dances!!!! Alien Ant Farm you kick ass

Josh Olson

2019-04-02 12:46:32 | Profile
Going to listen to "Wish" after this :)

Lorenzo Bruccoleri

2019-01-22 08:21:25 | Profile
the bass-game is real with these guys

Anna Killmer

2018-11-19 12:52:01 | Profile
I think this was 1999, pre-streaming video days

Gabriela Santillan

2018-11-18 06:10:28 | Profile
One of the most underrated bands ever.


2018-11-14 14:54:02 | Profile
Come back teenage years ...oh how I miss you.....!!!


2018-11-13 23:14:32 | Profile
Really enjoyed the video. :)


2018-11-10 16:27:09 | Profile
Love this video. I made my own Ghostbusters outfit for Halloween this year, so got a laugh out of that scene.

Grace Lyons

2018-11-10 08:02:35 | Profile
Thanks for not selling out.

Сара Конар

2018-11-07 01:42:09 | Profile
What a shit song. You murricanes make shit music.

David Beckham

2018-11-07 01:30:10 | Profile
This is pretty fucking good! The vibe is real yo! Im driving down the california coast. A jeep on a half jungle and half desert roads. A tank top and a surf board and my dog with me!! Damn!!!

Webert Martins

2018-11-06 06:51:01 | Profile
I feel like im back in high school. Awesome times. No social media. Just friends backyard parties.

Anna sarna

2018-11-05 14:40:50 | Profile
Ah back when bearshare, limewire were the itune and spotify of today minus the$$$