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Radit Aceng

2019-06-22 19:00:36 | Profile
makes me miss my younger days and old love

Tana Fidge

2019-04-13 00:02:15 | Profile
Trying to make me homeless tomorrow wont work bc I paid my rent and I have the rent receipts for each month. I am a good bookkeeper!


2019-04-03 18:00:28 | Profile
I wonder if Katie and Tommy ever got married. Or was she the one that got up and left after 18 years Sara Evans sung about?

Richard Romay

2018-11-29 01:26:12 | Profile
You have a classic looks, this song...

Marc Kazmirek

2018-11-19 22:55:33 | Profile
when carrie didnt carry you all the way

Lui Angelo

2018-11-19 01:00:37 | Profile
My dad dedicated shes in love with a boy.when I was a senoir.this song has meaning.

Bryan Maspono

2018-11-18 04:31:13 | Profile
To bad country is going pop the 90s and early 2000s it was great

Young_Retro Papi

2018-11-06 15:37:35 | Profile
Brings back some memories .....

Best Side

2018-11-04 23:02:35 | Profile
Love this song my mom likes this song too